Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Smooth sailing

So far. Another good day! I didn’t get to update yesterday so I’ll start there..

I did 90mins at the gym again yesterday. My legs are a little sore but nothing serious. I was kind of annoyed because I did basically the same thing as Monday but burned 100 cals less today wtf? Stupid. I think 900 is still pretty impressive though. I have upheld my plan to change my routine around aswell. I've started breaking up cardio and weights into smaller groups over the 90mins instead of doing all cardio then all weights. I've also started doing interval training during cardio which definitely gets the heart rate and calorie burning up! I've been doing 1min slow / 1min super speed and damnit that minute of super speed goes way slower than the slow minute! Did I mention it's also exhausting!

I didn’t make it to the gym today. I did drive almost all the way there before going back home. I had pretty bad uh, womanly pains lol Otherwise today was ok. My eating was fine. The only bad thing is a did succumb to weighing myself! I know mybad! Luckily I have actually lost!! Hooray! I just needed a little pick me up so I decided to go with the weigh in. Obviously I realise if I hadn’t lost anything yet it probably would've been a bad idea but hey, I did so it’s all good. I’m going to really try to stay away from the scales until Monday though.

I've also started re-reading the Gabriel Method as promised. I forgot how good it was. I will start the meditation after I finish reading it I think.

Turns out the gym is closed for five whole days! From Good Friday through to Tuesday which is ANZAC day public holiday. What will I do! Mum wants to go walking with me which I'll probably end up doing but the lack of calories burned per walking session is so annoying. It's like 'Go me I've been walking for 5 hours straight and burned 12 calories!' Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating there a little...

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