Monday, April 18, 2011

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels..

Hmm, well I wouldn't know. Maybe that person just hasn't eaten very nice food haha!
Oh that isn't very positive of me! I take it back, surely being thin beats pigging on food.. surely..

So far today has been pretty good. I did have some leftover m&ms but they're gone now so that's that! I've started my food diary and it looks pretty good actually. Hopefully I can keep that habit going for longer than today! (usually my food diaries last about that long) I also did 90 mins at the gym this morning blasting through 1000 calories, so I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I was going to stay longer but considering I haven't been for about a week I thought it better to take it a little easy and avoid a repeat on last fornights world of pain. So far so good!

I'm hoping to make some hummus this afternoon for tomorrow but we'll see how time goes. I have to take mum to the hospital to visit my nan again (it's become a daily ritual) and then I go back over in the evenings to pick her up (and see nan myself) so we haven't been getting home until quite late so I might have to cook dinner during my planned hummus making time. Maybe I could do both at once. I'm a woman, I can multi-task! Haha

Here's too tomorrow going as well as today has! (minus the m&ms of course)

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