Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Opposites attract right?..

Weight loss isn't a race you quit when you're behind - It's a quest for life

So I had my weigh in yesterday, great news I've lost 4 kilos!! Awesome yes! I realise that number is mostly because I put on those kegs so quickly and probably some fluid and what not but hey, still awesome in my book! Yay! I don't expect those sorts of numbers every week.. It'd be nice but completely unrealistic unless you're on the biggest loser of course. I also officially got my auntys tready yesterday. So far I haven't used it but I plan to use it twice tomorrow to make up for not using it today. I haven't today because certain people are home and I feel their judgement through solid walls. It was a huge pain in the ass to get inside but it's in and I'm looking forward to getting started on it. Also, the gym is open again as of tomorrow! HORAY! I never thought I would say something like that in a million years haha

On the flip side of all that, I've had a pretty bad day today eating wise. Apparently 'that' part of my brain decided I was going to falls off the rails ('that' being the fat girl part). The annoying part is I probably could have convinced myself not to but for some reason.. I didn't. Oh well, too late now I guess. But I won't do the usual week off thing I have done in the past when I've made one mistake. Bad.

Moving on, I'm hoping to get into see the dr tomorrow because my latest side effect of my new pills (besides the apparent weight gain) is .. I'm losing my hair. Not happy. The worst part is if I stress over about it, it will probably get worse so I'm really trying not to stress but it feels like every time I touch my hair more falls out. I'm losing the same amount I would have previously in a month in about.. 2 days. The good thing is I have thick hair so I'm not going bald or anything but sheesh, I'm starting to notice a difference and I'll admit it's kind of freaking me out. So goodbye new pill, welcome back old one.

Thats about all for now.. I'll just go will my hair to stay put.

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