Sunday, April 17, 2011

New plans - starting tomorrow.

I have a new plan that I'm starting as of tomorrow.
  • Eating mostly naked foods (not me naked, the food naked) as per Tiffiny's book
  • Planning meals but not freaking over a meal plan. Happy medium, check
  • STAY AWAY FROM THE SCALES except for one set day per week
  • Keeping a food diary and writing everything in it
  • Take it one day at a time. If I screw up once that doesn't mean I get the whole week "off"
  • Re-read the Gabriel Method and start listening to meditation again
  • Try a new routine at the gym. My workout needs a change
  • Don't put so much pressure on myself, every loss is a loss! It doesn't have to be five kgs!
  • Stop stressing about it for heaven's sake!

That's the basis of the plan for now. I feel like I want to add more but I can't think of anything else at the mo.

So obviously I'm feeling a little more positive again today but at the same time I'm feeling a little stressed as well. It kind of dawned on me today how long it's going to take to get where I want to be but it's better then waiting that long and still being where I am now. I also remembered yesterday that the gym is actually going to be closed for almost a week over the Easter holidays! Damnit! Stupid gym owner and his stupid life! It's a pity he isn't willing to open just for a couple hours in the morning each day. I hate exercising at home. Bleck.

I've been thinking about getting a treddy to use at home actually (yes, I know what I just wrote about exercise at home. I'm an enigma, get over it) because I want to start getting my jog on but I don't like doing it at the gym because well, parts move around y'know. It would probably just be temporary until I feel confident enough to use the gym treddy and/or go for jogs outside. They are pretty expensive though. My aunty has offered me hers and I can just pay off whatever is remaining on the contract (I think she got it on a interest free thing) but I feel a bit guilty because really she should be using it and I mean that in the nicest possible way! (She's heaps smaller than me) I also worry she'll use that as an excuse for not exercising and sort of indirectly blame me because I know she doesn't have the will power to go to the gym at the moment (even thought she's paying to go). I might talk to mum about it and see what she's thinks.

That's about it for now. Good luck to me for tomorrow! :D

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