Sunday, April 03, 2011

The New Me, take two!

I've finally caved and made a blog. A top secret nobody in the 'real world' will know about it even though I'm dying to have readers type blog. Shiny!

So basically this blog is about me, Jessie and my struggles experiences in losing weight. Yep, fatty boom bar at your service! I've actually been on this "journey" (people losing weight like to call it a journey apparently) for around seven months so far and yes before you ask, there have been ups and downs. Literally, like on the scale and emotionally as well. This is one of the reasons I've decided to start this blog and hopefully gather some advice and maybe even a few friends in my new online domain. I have been keeping a paper and pen type journal for a while now but it's honestly just not doing it for me nowadays. I seem to get no relief ranting writing in a inanimate book about my feelings so I've started writing less and less.. until now! Somehow and inanimate computer feels better..

So that's the basic run down.

Seven months, I mentioned. Most of those were quite awesome actually, filled with all ups and no downs - except on the scales of course! However the last two or so months everything has become, well.. shit. It's become shit. No movement in the scales (except for the occasional up/down, repeat crap) and I've become rather depressed and hopeless about the whole thing. So from tomorrow I'm going to start fresh, more work less whinging! And instead of coming up with excuses I'm now going to come up with excuses for the excuses! Heh. So go me. I feel very nervous about failure but excited about success at the same time. Jittery would explain it well. I have to start thinking about the future, about my success, about the possibilities, no hopelessness allowed! Positive outcomes only damnit!

I like how positive and hopeful this first entry sounds. It's me setting the bench mark for all future blog entries (ha, yeah I wish). So bring on tomorrow. It's the start of the new me, take two.

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