Saturday, April 16, 2011

I promise I won't be as whiny today

Bring the body, the mind will follow.

New mantra, check.
I've been thinking today (gasp!) and the above quote seems like a nice place to start my new-new beginning. I think that's kind of how it worked the first time around (not this recent failure, I mean seven months ago, my real 'new begining'). I made physical changes like forcing myself to go to the gym and eating better and eventually it stopped being so hard to convince myself to do that. In fact, with the exception of the last week (or two) going to the gym isn't something I find a chore anymore. I may even actually enjoy going.. Although I probably wouldn't admit that out loud!

So I'm going to try something a little different and really really try not to stress over it all because obviously that isn't working for me. I'm also planning to re-read Jon Gabriel's book and listen to his meditation which I found very helpful when I first started.

I also bought Tiffiny Hall's new book recently (the new trainer on Biggest Loser) and it's quite information packed! I thought it would be very similar to Michelle Bridges book but it's really different. She goes into lots of details about how the different hormones work and all the different ingredients in food which is good and interesting but not exactly helpful. The weirdest thing is that her recipes in the back of the book have no calories listed and nutritional guide whatsoever. Isn't calorie counting pretty important to losing weight Tiffiny, dear? I mean she calls it a "no diet" book but even if you aren't counting calories it's nice to have an idea of whats in things. Sometimes it's shocking whats in some recipes. Especially ones that are called 'healthy'. So I guess I'll have to use my calorie counting book to look up every ingredient to try to work out the calories. That won't be time consuming at all.. Ick.

So food wise I'm not exactly sure what I'm planning at the moment. I wanted to finish reading Tiffiny's book before I really planned our eating but I don't know if I'll finish it in time for Monday. Hmm. I have the basic ideas in mind it's just making specific choices in order to do the groceries I have to decide. I guess I have all day tomorrow to work on it.

When it comes to food I think snacks are probably my biggest issue (besides the obvious falling off the path and binge eating). I always buy stuff for snacking then don't want to have it! It's so stupid. I'll think I want a snack so I'll look in the fridge but think "Urgh, I'm sick of having fruit/yogurt/etc" so sometimes I have nothing which makes me hungrier later which is another issue entirely, the thing here is if I just suck it up and have the damn fruit or yogurt then I'm fine with it! And usually enjoy it. Obviously there's some kind of mental thing happening there I need to work on. Maybe I need therapy? Ha!

Anyway as for the weight loss retreat thing, I'm not so sure about it now (mostly because it's so expensive) but I haven't taken it off the table yet.

So obviously I'm feeling quite a bit better about it all today. Although it could be because I'm on a bit of a sugar high. Irony much? Haha

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