Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day two. One word.. owie.

M&M's will never solve your problems. It will only add to them.

Heh that's very true. It's quite strange how we don't seem to realise that sometimes.

Anyhow, day two today! Woo go me. So far, so awesome. Except for the aforementioned owie. Yesterday I did two hours at the gym and 1/2 hour at home, hence the owie. I somehow hurt my shoulder and I have no idea how. Seriously, none of the machine's at the gym seem to aggravate the problem and it didn't actually hurt until hours after I left so.. strange. It's feeling a bit better today though which is good. Today I did another two hours at the gym but nothing at home because my thighs are a world of pain and crampness at the moment because I dared to use the squat machine yesterday. I haven't used it for a while and lordy I can definitely tell. But I still slogged it out at the gym today, pain and all, just a little less enthusiastically.

As for eating, I've done pretty awesome in that department (if I do say so myself). Day two into my sugar detox and all is going well. The worst thing I've eaten thus far is one piece of white bread (GASP!) and some 85% dark chocolate, which isn't technicaly bad I maybe just had a little too much.

So everything is going rather swimmingly at the moment. I did weigh myself today and it wasn't what I expected (huh? I haven't lost 10kgs wtf?!) but I'm not going there again until maybe Sunday or Monday. I'm pretty bad with keeping my promises to avoid the scales but I will try!

Hopefully I can loose as much as possible before my relo's upcoming wedding of doom. I really want to get a shocking reaction from people and at this point in time, I don't think I would even though I've already lost 25kgs. However, I have about 10 weeks to go and if I can keep this up who knows where I'll be. I was actually planning to do more than two hours per day, but I think I need to work up to that otherwise owie's may become so bad I can't exercise at all which would be worse. This week I'm sticking with two hours and I might up that next week. We'll see how I go.

Disclaimer about exercising. Yes, I realise two+ hours per day is absolutely not sustainable long term however at the moment I have nothing better to do so I figure I might as well work hard now and return to a more realistic routine later. I have been struggling to loose any weight for several months now and I was starting to feel hopeless, this way by working my butt off I'm hoping to see awesome results quickly which will help with my overall motivation when the results slow back down to a more 'reasonable' speed.

Wow I can't believe my second post has remained positive. That's a good sign too me.

I think one of my hurdles this week will be avoiding the food reward. That's where everything fell apart since the start of my 'journey'. No food rewards damn you. At least, not secret ones where there's noone to make me feel guilty about that 10th chocolate bar ha! I'm thinking maybe I buy myself something for each goal of losing maybe 5kgs? That sounds pretty reasonable. I just can't think of anything..  Clothes is out because I already have a problem buying clothes "to fit into". It's a terrible habit and the huge store sales aren't helping one bit! 75% off! Who can turn away from that? And I honestly can't think of anything else. I thought maybe books but that's something I buy often anyway so it wouldn't really be a treat. Oh well. I'll keep thinking!

Until tomorrow.

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