Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm baaack

Happy Easter!

Today is the worst day for anyone on a diet, with maybe the exception of Christmas but somehow I have won! Yes, I did have some dark chocolate (2 squares of Lindt 'intense blueberry' omg!) and I had some pretzels but that's it. Oh no, I lie. I also had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich thingy which only has 124 calories so I don't really feel guilty about that. I was considering buying myself some chocolate because hey, it's Easter but I somehow convinced myself not to. Feeling chuffed.

Tomorrow is the first real weekly weigh in I've had for a while! For the last few months I haven't really gone a whole week without completely falling off the bandwagon for at least one day a week so weigh-ins weren't really 'legit'. This time, however it shall be! Hopefully it will be a pretty big loss because I managed to put on those last six kilos so quickly. Fingers crossed!

I've still been trying to think of 'rewards' for myself but I still can't think of anything that would really fit the bill. It has to be something I really want but not food related. I've noticed a lot of people get spa treatments, massages, manicures etc but that so isn't up my alley. The only thing I've really thought of is maybe going to the movies because I do that very rarely but thinking about it now it's not something that's very exciting. Hmm.. work in progress.

Also it looks like I'll be borrowing my aunty's treadmill to use at home. Sweet. I want it because I'd really like to start running (jogging or rather, shuffling is more like it) but I'm to self conscious to do so at the gym. I really need some new work out shoes, ones that are properly measured for me and such so I've decided to give the treadmill 1 month and if I stick with it that long then I can get new shoes! Here's hoping. It's nice having a plan sometimes.

That's it for now.

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